Occupational therapists with Coastal Home Health Care is designed to aid clients who require Occupational Therapy to restore their ability to be able to carry out various activities of daily living and other responsibilities within the home and workplace. At Coastal Home Health Care, our Occupational Therapy solution treat conditions that are developmental, emotionally, mentally, or physically disabling. We also create a plan and teach clients how best to regain skills or payment for the permanent loss of function.Occupational Therapy is intended to be very helpful and the conditions treated include:

  • Arm/hand/wrist wounds or surgery
  • Head or Spinal cord injury
  • Joint replacements
  • Individuals with impaired self-care ability
  • Neurological conditions or Stroke and injuries
  • Visual impairments
  • Post-traumatic injuries

Our occupational therapists are well trained and certified to aid patients in handling a wide range of conditions by applying a complete collection of therapeutic services. The goal of the Occupational therapy with Coastal Home Health Care includes:

  • Making best use of a client’s functional independence within their home
  • Increase the caregiver’s and client’s acquaintance of appropriate therapeutic procedures
  • Safeguarding both client and relatives stick to the prearranged treatment package

Our Occupational Therapy also includes the Home Health Care Service which is flexible and tailored to meet a patient’s needs. The Home care service we provide for Occupational Therapy includes:

  • Assessment, treatment, and training of patients
  • Caregiver instruction
  • Cognitive and perceptual re-education for neurological disorders

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