At Coastal Home Health Care, we provide various Home Health Care services designed to take care of multiple needs. The services we provide include the following:

Coastal Home Health Care offers Tailored Care services Backed by Research and Supported by Trained Nursing Staff who are available 24/7. You can book Expert care with Licensed Nurses On-site for your loved one. Contact us today to plan a Visit!

Physical Therapy
Coastal Home Health Care offers wide-ranging inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative services to individuals recuperating from disabilities instigated by illnesses or injuries. We make available personalized treatment with hands-on therapy. Our Physical Therapy service aids patients regain their cognitive or physical abilities, so they will be to return to their highest level of independence. Feel free to schedule an appointment today.

Occupational Therapy
The Occupational Therapy service we provide at Coastal Home Health Care caters to treatment covering the physical, psychological and psychiatric conditions over carefully selected activities to aid client’s treatment. Our Occupational Therapy service aims to attain the best level of functionality and independence in every aspect for our clients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Speech Pathology
Coastal Home Health Care uses an experienced and passionate team of speech pathologists to offer our friendly Speech Pathology services. Usually done in a comfortable and relaxed environment, we assess, diagnose, and treat clients with different communication issues. Please contact us today to book an appointment or discuss this service.

Medical Social
Our Medical Social also provides specialized social services to patients with health conditions requiring hospitalization. We also engage in giving Medical social work to aid individuals and families handle the dynamic and social responses to medical conditions. Feel free to schedule an appointment today.

Home Care
Certified and experienced home health aides deliver the Homecare services we provide. We are committed to providing quality services. Also, our caregivers maintain a high level of proficiency in performing various home care tasks. Feel free to schedule an appointment today.

Provider Care
Our provider care services are available for elderly family members and loved ones who favor the comfort of staying at home. Our Provider care services are designed and varied to cover a broader range of requirements. Coastal Home Health Care customized care plans guarantee your loved one will get the tailored care required to live safely. Feel free to schedule an appointment today.

The Hospice Services we provide offer attention and philosophy focused on the palliation of patients while keeping up with their dynamic and spiritual needs. The goal of this service is to comfort and care while striving to enable patients to enjoy the best of life. Please contact us today to book an appointment or discuss this service.