At Coastal Home Health Care, we make use of an experienced team of speech-language therapists who are devoted to creating stronger relationships and interaction between kids, families, caregivers and peers. Applying the Coastal Home Health Care core model in developing your speech ability has been tested and trusted. The approach works effectively in becoming more than just “talkers”. We can provide effective speech therapy solutions in boosting communication effectively with others. The use of speech therapy in conjunction with our team’s extra focused training encourages a client’s ability to:

  • Attend and Think About Others
  • Solve Problems
  • Sustain Engagement and Think Reflectively
  • Relate and Elaborate on shared ideas

Coastal Home Health Care provides effective and multidimensional treatment strategy focusing on specific needs that are tailored to speed a client speech ability. Working with a well-trained team allows Coastal Home Health Care offers wide-ranging services for speech treatment, we provide a holistic tactic to make the most in developing your speech potential.

Why go for Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is always a life-changing action that provides care and support for persons who have problems with communicating properly, drinking, eating or swallowing. Cognitive or memory impairments could cause this. Coastal Home Health Care makes use of highly skilled speech therapists who work in conjunction with a physician to grow a more personalized care plan in meeting your exact needs.

Pediatric Speech Therapy Availability in Texas

Coastal Home Health Care offers pediatric speech therapists who work carefully with a patient in developing a custom-made care plan to meet your exact needs. Our Speech Therapy Service includes:

  • Assessment and Testing
  • Dysphagia Handling
  • Language
  • Speech Pronunciation
  • Swallow Valuation and Training
  • Adult Speech Therapy in Texas

Adults may face various difficulties like communication issues, fluency problems, language-learning disorders, and voice problems. Speech services offered by our licensed Speech Therapists can address communication obstacles, cognitive and memory rehabilitation, impaired speech, and other problem areas. This service is created by an experienced team who make use of the most effective tactics in adult speech therapy.

If you wish to learn more about how our various health care possibilities to assist in providing care for loved ones while they stay at home, contact Coastal Home Health Care today.

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